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Uber reportedly reduced the number of sensors on its autonomous cars

30 March 2018

Ron and Uber Freight had been working closely with the company's autonomous vehicle division before the fatal accident as Uber looked to introduce self-driving trucks, the person familiar with the situation told FOX Business.

I'm not sure that was a factor in the Arizona accident, of course.

Uber suspended its autonomous vehicle testing program in Arizona, California, Pittsburgh and Toronto after the crash. Uber tangled with the California DMV in late 2016, when it started testing self-driving cars here without the required permits.

It all works thusly: You request an Uber ride and plug in your destination as normal, but instead of sending a whole auto by itself to you, the app matches you up with riders heading in a similar direction.

"We think these investigations related to Uber need to play out so we can get the facts, " Scarpinato said.

The DRIVE platform is now being used by over 370 companies, most of which are developing self-driving technology, including automakers and robotaxi companies.

The human-driven auto, as its use expanded in the early 20th century, had a poor safety record that has markedly improved: In 1921, vehicle use resulted in 24 deaths for every 100 million miles traveled, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Uber is investigating the incident, especially since the same GPS-inspired mishap happened a few years ago back in 2014, when a Vina Cab driver turned down that same set of stairs. Primary LiDAR sensors typically sit on the roofs of autonomous vehicles, just like what you see with the XC90 pictured above. Uber also reduced the number of cameras on the auto from 20 to seven.

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It wasn't clear if Herzberg's family had meant to launch a lawsuit against Uber.

The Government of Telangana in partnership with Uber, flagged off the first 100 cars under Driver Empowerment Programme (DEP).

Uber has about 200 vehicles at all four testing locations.

An Uber spokesman, Matt Kallman, said the departure was unrelated to the crash in Tempe, but he would not elaborate on why Mr. Ron had left or the timing of his exit.

But gubernatorial press aide Daniel Scarpinato said it wasn't just the pedestrian death that caused his boss, who had specifically urged companies to test the vehicles in Arizona, to have second thoughts. According to some of their former employees, that created a "blind spot" around the vehicle where it can't "see" pedestrians.

"These cars are going to be insured, " he responded.

The family of the victim declined to comment on the matter.

Uber reportedly reduced the number of sensors on its autonomous cars