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Facebook is probing reappearance of users' never-posted videos

30 March 2018

After offering users lip-service through its nightmarish past two weeks, Facebook is now physically addressing its data issues, beginning with a redesign its apps' privacy settings and the addition of a user info management section.

Facebook is rolling out a series of changes to give people better control of their privacy settings and data. "People should know who is buying the ads that they see on Facebook". But the company hopes its 2.2 billion users will have an easier time navigating its complex and often confusing privacy and security settings.

The app was downloaded by 270,000 people, but also scooped up their friends' data without consent - as was possible under Facebook's rules at the time. The company faces heavy criticism - including from lawmakers in the US and United Kingdom - for allowing the Trump campaign-linked data firm Cambridge Analytica to get and hold data on some 50 million Facebook users.

From here you can delete anything from your timeline or profile that you no longer want shared with the platform. A new page called Access Your Information allows users to review past interactions with the site - including the things they have "liked" and the comments they have posted - with the option to make deletions.

To control who sees your personal information, experts say you should adjust your privacy settings.

Facebook also said it was working to improve transparency around how it used data.

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The man involved had wanted access to information about what others had written about him. Its stock has been dropping, advertisers have been pulling out, the Federal Trade Commission has it under investigation, Mozilla has created an extension to put your Facebook account in isolation, and those in damage control seem at a loss for what to do. It comes after whistleblower Christopher Wylie revealed Cambridge Analytica improperly accessed data to target United States and British voters in close-run elections.

The first change introduced by Facebook is the simplification of the company's existing tools for users.

According to a new blog post in its Newsroom, Facebook has made it easier for users to find privacy settings, control what they share, and delete their data.

In the coming weeks, Facebook will propose updates to its terms of service that will "include our commitments to people", and update its data policy to clarify what data it collects and how it uses it.

India's information technology ministry last week formally requested that Cambridge Analytica - the data analysis company at the centre of the Facebook firestorm - provide clarity over its practices by the end of the month.

Facebook is probing reappearance of users' never-posted videos