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With adults quiescent, teens must protest gun violence

26 March 2018

Many of those at the rally echoed Lamb's call for bipartisan efforts to step up background checks and doing away with the availability of assault-style weapons to the general public.

Other measures include students and school personnel being required to carry visible identification cards with them at all times while on school grounds and the assignment of additional security personnel. "He knew I was the new kid from Canada". Even among the school shooting survivors pushing for change, at least one, Amanda Stem, told the crowd she bought a handgun for self-defense after buying a home. "People have said that I am a tool of some nameless adult".

"I think they're making a difference". Right after the shooting, it seemed like America was falling into the same old pattern - a few days after the last funeral, everyone would move on. The 33-year-old ecologist said he and his wife both own firearms for hunting, but don't support the National Rifle Association. This new rule will take effect as students return from spring break next week.

Before the Stoneman Douglas shooting, the NRA had Florida on lockdown. Bundled against the cold but fired up with passion, hundreds of thousands gathered in Washington for the biggest United States rally for gun reform in a generation.

Five "March For Our Lives" events are scheduled Saturday in greater Riverside County to coincide with a nationwide show of solidarity with the Florida high school mass shooting survivors who are advocating for stronger gun control laws with a major demonstration in Washington, D.C.

Giani Clarkson, a history teacher at the charter school, said while he is inspired by this wave of student activism, he can't help but recognise that droves of people didn't stand up as violence devastated poor District communities.

The Fargo event, organized by Moms Demand Action FM, started with a rally that drew more than 300 people and concluded with a march through downtown Fargo. The collective mission, according to organizers, is to demand Congress pass legislation to improve school safety.

On Saturday, we will march for the 17 killed in Parkland.

At Five Corners, Marjory Potts of West Tisbury and Cindy Kane of Vineyard Haven said they were in awe of young people taking action.

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We will march for the 50 women every month who are shot to death by an intimate partner.

Although the official protest language doesn't offer specifics on gun control measures, numerous protesters want high-powered firearms like the AR-15 assault rifle to be outlawed.

Aishwarya Varakantam speaks to the crowd about the pervasiveness and randomness of violence, along with a call for stricter gun-buying laws.

That doesn't mean I'm waiting for my 18th birthday to make a difference.

"We applaud the many courageous young Americans exercising their First Amendment rights today", Walters said. Others read "Arm me with school supplies" and "It only takes one bullet to break 1 million hearts".

"I'm sick of the violence".

The movement has also drawn some high profile support.

My classmates and I plan to keep up this work long after Saturday.

Gottlieb predicted his generation will make history. We don't want to just hold the line, do we?

With adults quiescent, teens must protest gun violence