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Fitbit is launching a fitness tracker for kids

14 March 2018

Fitbit is trying to make the OS smoother and more intuitive, and based on my short time with the device I think it's headed in the right direction.

The new FitBit Versa, billed as "your personalized daily health and fitness companion", is the lightest metal smartwatch available in the United States.

The device resembles the Fitbit Alta HR and is designed for children age 8 and older. Its first smartwatch, last year's Ionic, boldly took aim at Apple, but that device's chunky, square aesthetic failed to impress. With the smaller design, the Versa's is the lightest weight smartwatch made of metal now on the market, Fitbit says. The Versa doesn't allow you to download songs from Apple Music or Spotify, but it does have enough internal storage to store mp3 files (so you can upload songs directly from an iTunes library, for example, and save them to the smartwatch). This is probably going to be turn off for serious athletes, but Fitbit is branding this for the masses.

If anything, it looks somewhere inbetween the Apple Watch 3 and a Fitbit Ionic.

The move to reboot its smartwatch push comes after a hard holiday shopping season for Fitbit's entire line of watches and trackers. The smartwatch has a new female health tracking feature that's created to help women track "their period, estimated fertile window and overall health and wellness".

There's really nothing here users won't get from your standard tracking apps, of course, but Fitbit's hope is that incorporating it into the sleep and health data the company is already tracking could unlock some insight for women about how their menstrual cycle impacts their overall health.

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Priced at $199.95 in band/case combinations of black and black, gray and silver, as well as peach and rose gold, the swim-proof "health and fitness watch" can also be pre-ordered starting today in "Special Editions" pairing a charcoal woven strap with a graphite aluminum body, or a lavender woven/rose gold aluminum flavor.

Fitbit Versa will cost $200 United States dollars for the black with a black aluminum case, gray with a silver aluminum case, and peach with a rose gold case, while The Fitbit Versa Special Editions - which include Fitbit Pay compatibility - are priced at $230. Fitbit says all submitted apps are reviewed within 48 hours and are tested to ensure everything works the way it's supposed to.

Fitbit introduced Fitbit Ace, an activity tracker that makes fitness fun for kids while inspiring the entire family to build healthy habits together and help fight decreasing levels of activity in children.

If you're looking for a smaller smartwatch with a fitness focus and an affordable price, this option from Fitbit may well be up your street. The Ace has a five-day battery life and it tracks steps, active minutes and sleep. The app also will reward children with in-app badges for achieving their health goals.

The Ace, which is almost identical to its existing Alta tracker, tracks sleep, steps and physical activity. If the child has a smartphone, the Ace will display call and text notifications, too. Parents can add to the ace to a family account on their own mobile device to track their kids' activity.

Although the Fitbit Ace device will have similar features the other latest Fitbit devices, the main differences are in the app and how new features can protect kids' privacy.

Fitbit is launching a fitness tracker for kids