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Fox airs OJ Simpson's 'hypothetical confession'

13 March 2018

Viewers were outraged by Simpson's lack of remorse as he recounted incidents of domestic violence and stalking involving himself and Brown and his bafflingly detailed faux account of her murder, sharing their thoughts on social media with the hashtag #DidOJConfess.

The interview features Simpson speaking in detail, albeit couched as a hypothetical, about his being present at the crime scene in June 1994, how he disposed of bloody clothes and other specifics of his actions following the slayings.

"I think this puts a period at the end of the sentence for O.J. Simpson", says Judith Regan, CEO of Regan Arts, which published Simpson's book, "If I Did it".

Simpson referred to a mysterious companion of his named "Charlie" as having been a catalyst for numerous events that night in 1994, when Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were found dead of multiple stab wounds.

"You think you can kick my ass?" Levin explains his disgust, "So he's just confessed to the murder of the mother of his children and his reaction is a belly laugh". In his "hypothetical" story, it was his glove, not something planted by police.

In his theoretical play-by-play, Simpson says he went to Nicole's home with a friend named Charlie, who told him his ex had been hanging out with some unsavory characters.

Simpson at first resisted discussing the killings but later appeared at several points to validate the prosecution's timeline and theory of the case.

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In The Fox special, OJ talks about a violent clash with tragic Nicole over her drug use and her relationship with friend Faye Resnick, who OJ labels "a hooker", claims the Daily Mail.

This time, though, Simpson stands to make not one dime from the telecast, which was hosted by former CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien and included a panel of experts, including Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden. Simpson said he asked Goldman. The following year, Simpson was acquitted of murder charges in a trial that gripped the nation and formed the bases of a recent documentary and miniseries.

Regan said she was contacted by an attorney for Simpson, who said the Hall of Fame running back was ready to confess to the murders.

"To be honest, after that I don't remember, except I'm standing there and there's ... blood and stuff around", he said. Some believe that this interview is evidence of Simpson actually admitting he was responsible for the murders.

O.J. Simpson during the 2006 interview that aired Sunday on Fox.

Regan asked, "What kind of stuff?" and O.J. replied, "Blood and stuff around". But the protests resulted in Regan's firing and Fox's shelving the interview. "They killed me", Simpson said. He may try to describe it as a hypothetical, but of course it becomes "I.' "I did this"; 'I felt this"; 'I saw this.' This notion of Charlie? O.J. said things got a little heated, and Nicole fell and hurt herself.

Fox countered the "Idol" revival with its own ratings stunt: A dramatic, two-hour interview special called "O.J".

Fox airs OJ Simpson's 'hypothetical confession'