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Mudavadi trashes Uhuru-Raila pact, says NASA is for all-inclusive dialogue

11 March 2018

However, speaking separately in Mombasa, Amani National Coalition leader Musalia Mudavadi distanced himself from resolutions reached at Friday's meeting between President Kenyatta and Odinga.

The US has been urging direct talks between Kenyatta and Odinga to resolve the political strife.

In their joint address, President Kenyatta said: "We will begin a process of discussing what ails us and what creates division amongst us".

Doorashadii guud ee Kenya ayaa markii hore la qabtay bishii August ee sanadkii 2017 waxaana ku guuleystay Uhuru kenyatta, balse Maxkamada sare ayaa amartay in dib loogu celiyo, iyada oo sheegtay in guushii Mr Kenyatta ay wax isdabamarino badan hareeyeen.

"Tillerson will focus on continued support for the democratic process in Kenya, refugee issues, and press freedom", the US embassy said in a brief statement issued before the top diplomat's arrival in Nairobi.

Khilaafka ka dhashay Doorashadii Kenya ayaa la sheegay in ay ku dhinteen 150 qof.

The Kenyan leader who was sworn in for his second and final term in office on November 28 in 2017 expressed confidence that a healthy collaboration with the opposition will usher in a new era of unity and prosperity.

On the streets of Nairobi, Kenyans also welcomed the leaders' agreeing to work together.

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In a statement posted to Facebook on Friday, he called the rapprochement "a fundamental betrayal of the innocent Kenyans who have lost their lives" supporting Odinga in several elections over the last decade.

"As we fight ostensibly to save ourselves from each other, the reality is that we need to save our children from ourselves".

The meeting, whose agenda was not disclosed, renewed a friendship between the leaders.

He added that the United States looked forward to seeing the successful implementation of the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) because it offers a big market in which the U.S. wants to engage.

Mr Odinga boycotted the repeat election in October, saying adequate electoral reforms had not been made.

Odinga refused to recognize Kenyatta's win; in January, he held a rally where his supporters symbolically inaugurated the opposition leader as president.

"Elections come and go but Kenya remains; so as we must plan for the future, a future that will not be dictated by the forthcoming elections", said Kenyatta.

That's not a coincidence, said independent political analyst Martin Andati.

Mudavadi trashes Uhuru-Raila pact, says NASA is for all-inclusive dialogue