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Turkey termed as 'triangle of evil' by Saudi prince

10 March 2018

They cited Saudi Arabia's continual ill treatment of women, as well as its brutal repression and lack of a free press along with the botched war in Yemen as reasons to oppose MBS's visit.

She opined that Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman's overseas visits amounts to a last reconnaissance trip to find out whether Saudi Aramco should do the IPO in London, New York or Hong Kong. "Their involvement in Yemen came at the request of the legitimate government of the Yemen, it is backed by the UN Security Council and as such we support it". Media had already been told that the 32-year-old prince would meet the Queen, other royals and Prime Minister Theresa May - but thanks to a piece of paper flipped the wrong way, the world knows a lot more about what the crown prince is getting up to.

"This vindicates the engagement that we have with Saudi Arabia, to be able to sit down with them", she said.

Iran responded by calling the Saudi crown prince "immature" and "weak-minded".

Commenting on the meeting, Amnesty International UK's director, Kate Allen, said that she hoped that Archbishop Welby had used the meeting "as an opportunity to personally communicate the Church's concerns over the thousands of Yemeni civilians killed and injured in reckless and indiscriminate Saudi-led coalition air strikes". After 2015, there is an increase of nearly 500% in the sale of British weapons to Saudi Arabia.

During Prime Minister's Questions, the Prime Minister said that the Government was increasing aid to Yemen and was engaging with the Saudi government over ending the war.

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The U.K. has been an historic arms supplier to Saudi Arabia, gaining lucrative deals that number in the billions.

Despite all these controversies, as Britain had left European Union, the country wants to strengthen economic relations with Saudi Arabia.

But with even that being chipped away, it is hard to overstate how much Saudi women's lives are being transformed.

On Thursday, the crown prince will attend a business conference in London before travelling to the prime minister's country residence, Chequers, in Buckinghamshire outside London, before returning to the capital.

Mohammed bin Salman met with Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of York at Buckingham Palace for lunch on Wednesday and is due to dine with Prince Charles and Prince William during his stay. In the meantime, the crown prince has been given sweeping powers and has launched an ambitious program, Vision 2030, to modernize the country.

Turkey termed as 'triangle of evil' by Saudi prince