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China sets GDP growth target of 6.5 percent for 2018

09 March 2018

During consultations and surveys at the grass-roots level, many regions, departments and members of the party and the public have unanimously called for the rules on presidential term limits in the constitution to be revised, he said, without identifying regions or departments, the Hong Kong based South China Morning Post reported.

China has also been developing a whole next-generation battery of weapons including hypersonic missiles and electromagnetic railguns.

China has no desire to overturn the existing global order and its increasingly powerful military does not constitute a threat to others, the spokesman for the country's ceremonial legislature said Sunday.

The economic planning agency also said on Monday it expects retail sales to increase by around 10% in 2018, the same as past year.

In July China sent a clear message to the world when it staged an awesome display of might in the biggest military parade ever to mark the 90th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army.

While China's actual defense spending remains opaque, the country has undertaken a decadeslong quest to modernize its military and expand its air and naval capabilities worldwide.

"China now accounts for 15 percent of the world's economy, an increase from just more than 11 percent five years ago", he said.

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Defence spending has, according to a government official, been increased to make up for past shortcomings. The country will host the first China International Import Expo this year and lower import tariffs on products including automobiles and some everyday consumer goods. "It is increasingly clear that China and Russian Federation want to shape a world consistent with their authoritarian model - gaining veto authority over other nations' economic, diplomatic, and security decisions".

As mentioned in the government work report, the first China International Import Expo has been slated for November 5 to 10 this year in Shanghai to help more foreign goods enter China with a middle-income population of 400 million, already the world's biggest.

With worries about potential disputes with the United States in the region, China's military had mounted what defense sources and diplomats viewed as a lobbying campaign for more spending. During the military conflict, the Chinese military reportedly employed a tactic known as "the human sea attack" to swamp enemy strongholds with massive amount of soldiers, which led to heavy casualties of Chinese forces.

Xi said the Chinese system is new because it combines Marxist political party theories with China's reality, and truly, extensively and in the long term represents fundamental interests of all people and all ethnic groups and fulfills their aspiration, avoiding the defects of the old-fashioned party system which represents only a selective few or the vested interest.

The US President only had words of approval concerning Chinese President Xi Jinping's tenure "for life". You shouldn't treat your troops as pawns.

"The projected growth rate reflects China's position of not over-emphasizing speed but stressing improvements in the quality and effect of development, according to another report from the country's top economic planner".

The Australian expert added that land forces could take a lesser role in the Chinese military as China does not face any obvious adversaries over its land borders, despite historical painful experiences of the Japanese invasion.

China sets GDP growth target of 6.5 percent for 2018