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Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 "S Mode"

08 March 2018

Citing new data from the United Kingdom -based research consultancy Futuresource, Microsoft yesterday also highlighted the growing use of Windows 10 devices in K-12 education.

Both operating systems -Windows 10 S and Chrome OS- were marketed and became popular due to the restrictions they place on users and the level of control central administrators can have over notebooks deployed among students, professors, or employees, limiting their ability to use the devices for non-work-related tasks.

The messaging on the software was always a bit messy, though, and the company didn't really do itself any favors by launching it on the high-end Surface Laptop.

Microsoft is today releasing Windows 10 Build 17618 to the Windows Insiders opted into Skip Ahead, and unlike the previous releases, this new build brings a number of new features along with improvements.

Since releasing Windows 10 in July 2015, Microsoft has been criticized for the amount of data the operating system collects about users and sends back to the company for analysis. Understandably, it's been a bit hard to determine how to classify what's essentially functioned as a forked version of the company's broader OS.

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The Windows 10 S was meant to be somewhat of a "lite" version of the full Windows 10 system, with the company claiming that the "S" stood for "Simplicity".

Belfiore tweeted that Windows 10 S is going to be a mode of existing Windows versions next year and "not a distinct version".

Thankfully, it seems Microsoft has come to its senses. Companies like Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Samsung, and Toshiba all offered their own version of laptops that would run Windows 10 S mode, with numerous computers starting at just $189.

Some recent estimates suggest Chrome OS now owns about 60% of the United States education market in grades K-12.

Given the prevalence of machine-learning and AI in all of our devices, Microsoft wanted to make sure its new framework would complement the wealth of devices out there. The new development, which was initially a part of the rumour mill, has now been confirmed by Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore.

Microsoft Confirms Windows 10