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Visitors pour into the Cove to pay respects to Rev. Billy Graham

23 February 2018

Though he was entirely respectful of the church, he blasted through its walls, reaching millions of people in his crusades and in his writings, who may not have ever entered a sanctuary. The match was glued by their disdain for communism, Graham's belief that Nixon was a man of high moral character- and both men's ambitions.

"Billy Graham was America's pastor". In 1978, Rev. Graham, on a crusade in Poland, preached at the Catholic cathedral in Krakow and was to have dined with Krakow's Cardinal Karol Wojtyla.

He brought the Good News to everyone from pampered American suburbanites to poverty-stricken African villagers. Later he commended the work of Martin Luther King and invited him to pray in his crusades.

Graham seized this post-War, Cold War period to preach to the stadium-scale masses, inviting people to salvation and freedom in Christ.

Graham's body will remain at the Cove until Saturday at 11:25 am when he will be transported to Charlotte. I've never met a more humble, childlike person.

"The Communists are not going to compromise, they are not going to change, their objective is to rule the world", he said in one sermon. "Stand back up. You know who you are'".

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"Most influential, however, was my study of the Bible, leading me eventually to the conclusion that not only was racial inequality wrong but Christians especially should demonstrate love toward all peoples". Unlike so many self-aggrandizing televangelists, Moral Majority grifters, and preachers-cum-ward-heelers, he left no hookers or no-tell-motel church secretaries or embezzled funds in his wake. He said the current political and media polarization "makes it harder for a figure like Graham to emerge". He was always speaking about Christ and always speaking about who he is.

"Headlines today will describe Billy Graham as the preacher to millions and the adviser of presidents but first and foremost, he was a man of deep Christian faith", the bishop added.

Graham also was criticized by some conservative evangelicals for praying at the inauguration of Bill Clinton, a supporter of abortion rights - and then criticized again for publicly forgiving Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and praising Hillary Rodham Clinton for forgiving her husband.

"The GREAT Billy Graham is dead", tweeted Donald Trump. Here's what we know about Billy Graham's money. Graham said he is coming to Louisville because the Board has laid this city on his heart. "And because of that, he came off as genuine".

"I was actually glad for him, when I heard he'd died", Watson said, because the once-energetic minister's quality of life had so diminished. Graham exalted in Jesus, not himself. "I thought to myself, 'None of us know how to put into words what we're seeing in this odd world of post-Katrina'". I don't remember Graham occupying a particular place of prominence in our house. Others spend their last days in nursing homes. Yet as she was saying this, her throat seized up and her voice choked.

Visitors pour into the Cove to pay respects to Rev. Billy Graham