Tuesday, 16 October 2018
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Amazon's Alexa can now detect the voice of individual users in Canada

16 February 2018

The e-commerce giant has confirmed that their entire Amazon Echo lineup will now be available in the offline market too. Amazon Echo now allows you to use the Alexa-to-Alexa calling and messaging feature to connect with friends or family who have Echo compatible devices and apps.

Echo smart speakers are voice-controlled and have been created to always be ready to take instructions from the users.

After nearly six months of wait, Amazon has updated its digital assistant, Alexa, to enable "Individual Voice Profiles" and "Drop-in" feature for all the Echo Devices in India.

The feature, called 'Your Voice, ' can be set up by saying the following phrase to Amazon's voice-activated assistant, "Alexa, who am I?"

In addition to Alexa skills, customers can also use the Amazon Music Service to access a huge library of Indian and worldwide music.

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The Drop-In feature also turns your Echo into an intercom allowing you to call into an Echo device in another room.

But you might not like "Alexa", while if you happen to have someone in your house called "Alexa", "Alex" "Lexi" or similar, you might find the Echo responds when you say that name too. With multi-room music, users can listen to music in any of their rooms or have multiple Echo speakers in the same room for a more engaging experience. If you have more than one Echo devices setup in your home, you can now play music on them simultaneously. Using the voice-controlled Alexa, you can also set up routines to perform a series of actions from a single voice command, shop on Amazon using voice, and choose from over 12,000 skills for the connected experience.

Amazon announced that Echo Dot, Echo, and Echo Plus are widely available for purchase by all customers in India.

Shortly after announcing them in the US, Amazon brought its latest Echo and Echo Plus smart speaker lineup to the Indian market in October a year ago.

Amazon's Alexa can now detect the voice of individual users in Canada