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Google Introduces AMP for Gmail, Bringing Web-like Actionable Content to Email

14 February 2018

Prior to that in 2016, the company rolled out their "AMP" (Accelerated Mobile Page) technology, an "open standard" that webmasters could take advantage of to make their pages load more quickly and efficiently for mobile users.

At the moment, the AMP email software has been designed specifically for companies that use email marketing to reach out to customers, but the capabilities are expected to be expanded in the coming months.

He said the software will make Gmail more user friendly: "With AMP for Email, it's easy for information in email messages to be dynamic, up-to-date and actionable".

The AMP extension in question is simply called Stories.

AMP Story is the new AMP format and it was today announced by Google, in the AMP Conference in Amsterdam, Europe.

The developer preview for AMP stories is available now - watch the tutorial to find out how to create them.

"AMP story content should be fulfilling and standalone". As you can see from the photos below, tapping on the left third of the screen while in a Story will move you back while the other two-thirds will progress you forward.

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Other launch partners for AMP stories include the Washington Post, Conde Nast, Vox Media, and Meredith.

The feature has been developed in consultation and collaboration with these top content publishers.

The AMP Stories product, a visually driven format built on AMP HTML, will begin serving in Google search results today, linked to publishers such as People and CNN. It's the next step in the company's AMP ecosystem, a set of technologies created to make it simpler to build fast-loading webpages. These are essentially news-related visual experiences meant to be displayed in the Google search results.

Devin Coldewey of TechCrunch writes that "AMP for email is a awful idea", advising: "Not good, Google. The format comes with preset but flexible layout templates, standardized UI controls, and components for sharing and adding follow-on content".

AMP stories are available for everyone to try on their websites.

Word of Google's AMP Stories project first leaked out last summer.

Google Introduces AMP for Gmail, Bringing Web-like Actionable Content to Email