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USA Gymnastics is picking a fight with McKayla Maroney: lawyer

18 January 2018

It happened in London before my team and I won the gold medal.

She said Nassar's crimes had strengthened them. Stephens said she largely blamed her father's suicide on the shame and self-loathing he felt for defending Nassar. He's already serving 60 years for child pornography charges.

Simone Biles was another of the 140+ young women to speak out about Larry Nassar. "No one should have to go back there after so many of us were abused there". Please believe me when I say it was a lot harder to first speak those words out loud than it is now to put them on paper.

After hearing the fearless stories of my friends and other survivors, I know that this horrific experience does not define me.

"As I continue to work through the pain, I kindly ask everyone to respect my privacy".

Almost 100 victims and family members are slated to give impact statements this week during Nassar's sentencing hearing on 10 counts of first-degree sexual misconduct.

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Maroney was one of over 140 victims of sexual abuse at the hands of Nassar, and 88 of those victims are expected to give their statements in court. A close friend of her family, Nassar began assaulting Stephens when she was in kindergarten.

Nassar, 54, has sat through dozens of victim impact statements since Tuesday morning, often times openly weeping. That is unforgivable." Addressing the slight, bespectacled Nassar directly, Stephens said: "Little girls don't stay little forever. "They grow into strong women that return to destroy your world".

Some of the victims tried to speak up for years, but the adults who should have protected them never listened. Due to a confidentiality agreement that was part of a $1.25 million settlement she and the U.S. Olympic team made in 2016, Maroney is unable to testify against the doctor during his sentence hearing. The agreement included a confidentiality clause, which imposed a $100,000 fine if Maroney were to speak out about the abuse. She could not even have her statement read without fear of a lawsuit against her by USAG. She, as well as actress Kristen Bell, offered to pay the $100,000 NDA fine to help Maroney share her story.

In a statement posted Tuesday, USA Gymnastics said: "USA Gymnastics has not sought and will not seek any money from McKayla Maroney for her fearless statements made in describing her victimization and abuse by Larry Nassar, nor for any victim impact statements she wants to make to Larry Nassar at this hearing or at any subsequent hearings related to his sentencing". These two organizations are accused of enabling Nassar and turning a blind eye to numerous reported accusations over the years.

Twenty-one women and girls on Wednesday shared how Nassar's abuse changed their lives.

USA Gymnastics is picking a fight with McKayla Maroney: lawyer