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Mainichi Calls for Abe to Attend PyeongChang Olympics

13 January 2018

His remarks came after President Moon Jae-in on Wednesday also called the 2015 deal "unsatisfactory" and demanded Japan accept historical truth and offer a honest apology to the victims in a nationally televised press conference. Keeping this promise is an worldwide and universal principle. Following the ministry's announcement, Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono said that Tokyo could not accept South Korea's demands for additional measures.

POLITICAL SCIENTIST TOSH MINOHARA of Kobe University, on Mr Moon Jae In's comments on Wednesday that he seeks "forward-oriented ties" with Japan.

A metal panel flew off a Japanese government plane Thursday while it was en route from Tokyo to Hokkaido, the Air Self-Defense Force said.

The highly emotive issue has poured cold water over improving bilateral ties between Tokyo and Seoul, as the two United States allies seek closer cooperation on regional security threats such as North Korea.

The so-called "comfort women" issue involved soldiers from the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) during World War II, forcibly coercing and even kidnapping girls, some of them underage, and women, and forcing them to work as sex slaves, servicing Japanese soldiers at military brothels during the war.

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The South Korean side also believes that prior to the deal being made with Japan, those who served as "comfort women" were not sufficiently consulted and their feelings not fully taken into account at the time. But the South Korean government has no closure.

Japan bristles at its neighbours continuing to resurface historical wartime issues even after its repeated efforts to resolve them once and for all.

Under the deal, South Korea promised not to raise the issue again and Japan transferred 1 billion yen (now $8.9 million) to a foundation dedicated to supporting the victims.

But he said Wednesday: "The fact that there was an official agreement between Korea and Japan can not be denied".

Abe announced that Japan would join NATO's cyberdefense center in Tallinn to boost its capabilities to deal with digital threats.

Mainichi Calls for Abe to Attend PyeongChang Olympics