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Google puts its brand behind payments

11 January 2018

Not only does it bring your Android Pay and Google Wallet apps together, it also brings in Chrome's autofill payment info in consideration.

With this new system, your payment information will be saved in your Google account and will then be available to use everywhere you use Google products. We're not betting that Google is going to be able to streamline all digital payments with Google Pay, but it sure would be nice if Android had a single method for buying stuff. Google Wallet was the first NFC payment system for smartphones, and later it was rebranded to Android Pay with the Wallet sticking around as a P2P payment system.

Google says "over the coming weeks, you'll see Google Pay online, in store, and across Google products, as well as when you're paying friends".

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Initial partners for Google Pay include Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse and Instacart, with special discounts being offered to promote the launch when you buy something from Fandango, Insacart and B&H using use the new service. Moreover, because all your details will naturally be synced to your Google account, you won't have to worry about which piece of information goes where. While the app can be installed on a variety of Android phones and watches, it still possesses one basic function: making payments at compatible cash registers via "tap-and-pay". This is because unlike in the West, India doesn't have to deal with "n" number of payments apps ala Google. Google Pay seems like it will be its own sandbox integrated with a user's bank account, credit and debit cards.

How does all of this affect Google Tez, the UPI based payments platform that Google has pushed in India? However, I bet you'll continue seeing payment kiosks with the Android Pay branding on them for years to come.

Google puts its brand behind payments