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HTC announces the new improved HTC Vive Pro, 3D Audio and more

09 January 2018

If you want to experience VR untethered, HTC says that its newly unveiled Vive Wireless Adapter will work with both the Vive and Vive Pro.

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During a CES 2018 press conference, HTC confirmed details from a leak earlier on Monday, which indicated that the Vive Pro's screen will include a combined resolution of 2880x1600 pixels.

HTC has also added dual microphones and dual front-facing cameras which are designed for developers to take advantage of.

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The Vive Wireless Adapter was also introduced and it's been optimised for low latency and built with Intel's WiGig Spec and a 60GHz band. The adaptor will ship worldwide in Q3. The headset is compatible with exiting SteamVR base stations.

"Wireless VR has been on almost every VR user's wish list since the technology was unveiled", said Frank Soqui, general manager of the Virtual Reality Group at Intel, in a statement. On Thursday HTC Vive teased its followers on Twitter with a cryptic images regarding a 'New Years Resolution'. As part of the Viveport VR and Viveport Video options, the company will be offering subscriptions for $7 a month, allowing users to try up to five titles each month. While VR, which transports you to a digital world through a special headset, has attracted heavy hitters like Facebook, Google and Samsung, consumers have been slow to embrace the technology. HTC revealed the HTC Vive Pro which comes with higher resolutions and Vive Pro Audio.

There's no talk about pricing right now, but HTC promises there will be a head-mounted display (HMD) replacement plan for current Vive owners later this quarter. These VR previews are "interactive glimpses of content that give customers a room-scale preview of an experience and the opportunity to interact with content before purchasing or subscribing".

CES appears to have other players in the wireless-VR space, as well, and we'll do our best at Ars to cover or go hands on with any promising VR demos, especially any with the HTC Vive Pro.

HTC announces the new improved HTC Vive Pro, 3D Audio and more