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Zarif to Trump: Iranians have right to vote and protest

06 January 2018

"Such respect for the people of Iran as they try to take back their corrupt government", Trump said in a Twitter comment.

Even reformists, who backed the last major protest movement in 2009, condemned the unrest and the support it has received from the United States. It was not immediately clear what assistance Trump had in mind.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaks publicly about the protests for the first time, blaming "enemies of Iran" for the unrest.

In moments of crisis, Iran's government may rightly fear for its existence and unleash its fury against its own citizens.

LONDON-Iran is stepping up a crackdown against anti-government protests that pose the most audacious challenge to its clerical leadership since 2009. He said the Guard had deployed limited numbers of troops in Isfahan, Larestan and Hamadan.

And when that happened, state media was also forced to acknowledge that it had not initially reported on the protests on the orders of security officials.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed hope in a phone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the protests would end in a few days, a Turkish presidential source said.

Vice President Mike Pence wrote in an opinion column for The Washington Post that the United States is "standing with" the protesters, and he urged other nations to do the same.

"In recent days, enemies of Iran used different tools, including cash, weapons, politics and intelligence apparatus to create troubles for the Islamic Republic". Vice-President Mike Pence said on Wednesday the USA wants an agreement lasting longer.

Trump's tweets prompt some experts to worry that the protesters will now be labeled as puppets of the American government.

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President Trump doubled down on his support for Iranian protesters Wednesday morning, assuring that at the "appropriate time" they would see aid from the United States. Is silence not a betrayal of the victims of Islamism, terrorism and violence, in the face of the acts being committed by the Iranian regime against innocent people in Iran and around the world?

"We have been in touch with the Iranian authorities and we expect that the right to peaceful demonstration and freedom of expression will be guaranteed", a spokeswoman for foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said in a statement.

Tasnim news quoted Ali Shamkhani, secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, as warning Saudi Arabia that there would be a response from Iran "and they know how serious it can be".

Netanyahu has praised Iranian anti-government protesters, while denying as "laughable" accusations that Israel was behind the demonstrations.

Iran does allow some labor strikes or unauthorized demonstrations to take place, like when coal miners angry over the deaths of at least 42 of their colleagues in an explosion in May confronted Rouhani during his presidential re-election campaign.

"We're looking at something new, something we haven't seen in Iran since the Islamic Revolution", the official said, adding that the novelty of the protests is making it hard for USA officials to predict where they will lead.

"The counter-revolutionaries intervened massively on social media", Jafari said.

Hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested since the protests began Thursday in Mashhad before spreading to other parts of the country.

How could a country based on freedom and civil rights be silent while other humans are being butchered because they desire that same freedom and those same rights?

President Hassan Rouhani and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey discussed ways of further development of ties between Tehran and Ankara in bilateral, regional and worldwide fields in telephone conversation. Working-class Iranians who want higher wages and a solution to unemployment are frustrated that the economy has been slow to grow despite the lifting of sanctions under an global nuclear deal...

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The group called Resistance SF accused Dorsey of "endangering the world" and violating its own rules by not banning Trump. Trump's tweet about the US" nuclear arsenal has now received over 485,000 "Likes' and more than 190,000 retweets.

Zarif to Trump: Iranians have right to vote and protest