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When can you see the 'wolf moon' in New Orleans?

02 January 2018

The first full moon of 2018 will reach its peak tonight between January 1 and 2 - at around 2.24am. Weather permitting, it will be the third supermoon visible in the New Orleans area since December 3. That full moon - the second in the same calendar month - is also known as a Blue Moon.

NASA described last month's supermoon, Monday's and the one coming at the end of the month as a sort of trilogy of supermoons. It will be extra special, ' according to NASA. It will be a neat site to see if you can courageous the extreme cold tonight, because we have a nice snow pack outside, which will reflect a lot of the light from the moon.

From two supermoons, a meteor shower to a lunar eclipse, here's a list of astronomical events for the first month of 2018.

Twitter users around the world have shared images of the January 1 supermoon.

On Jan. 31 the moon will still be very close to its perigee, or closest point in its orbit around the earth (less than 360,000 kilometers away) and a total lunar eclipse will be visible in much of northern Ontario, and a partial lunar eclipse will be visible in southern Ontario.

For a supermoon to happen, these need to line up.

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If the criteria for a supermoon is chiefly dependent on the moon's arrival at its closest point in its orbit relative to Earth, then the "super" branding is a bit of a misnomer.

This is nearly as close as the Supermoon back in November of 2016 when we were about 221,500 miles away.

Lyle Tavernier, an expert at Nasa, said: 'Keep in mind that a 14 per cent increase in the apparent size of something that can be covered with a fingernail on an outstretched arm won't seem significantly bigger.

It may be cold outside, but you'll want to check out tonight's Supermoon/Wolf Moon.

Of course, once somebody is told that the moon is closer than normal to Earth and that it will consequently appear somewhat larger, they might respond with something like, "Oh yeah!"

NASA tweeted about the Moon earlier in the day to whet people's appetites.

When can you see the 'wolf moon' in New Orleans?