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Gunman Kills 9 in Attack on Egypt Church

30 December 2017

The attack, according to Interior Ministry statement, claimed the lives of seven people, including one police conscript when a gunman opened fire outside the church.

At least two Egyptian police officers were killed on Friday in an attempt to prevent an attack on a church in the Cairo suburb of Helwan, local media reported citing police sources.

Coptic Christians in Egypt have been faced several attacks by extremist organisations.

"People were terrified and wanted to check on their families in other buildings of the church", she told The Associated Press by phone.

Nine were killed in total, including one policeman at the church, the ministry said. At least one senior officer was killed and two wounded in that attack, which pointed to an unusually high level of intelligence available to the militants.

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Including the dead attacker, at least three people were involved in the terrorist squad. On Palm Sunday in April, terrorists staged an explosion in the main church of the city of Tanta, where about 30 people died.

No group immediately claims responsibility for the attack, the fourth to target Christians since December of the previous year, but it bears the hallmarks of the Islamic State group's local affiliate.

State television reported the second attacker was captured after fleeing the scene.

They announced plans to deploy rapid-reaction forces and electronic jamming equipment earlier this week to protect festivities around the New Year and Coptic Christmas on 7 January.

A bomb explodes in a Coptic Christian church in Alexandria as worshippers depart a midnight mass, killing more than 20 people.