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Eating Green Vegetables Can Help Prevent Dementia

22 December 2017

Dr Martha Morris, of Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago, led the study published in the journal Neurology. The group which ate the most servings averaged 1.3 servings per day, while the group with the fewest servings ate on average 0.1 servings per day. However, signs of ageing of the brain manifested themselves to a lesser degree with those who ate a lot of green vegetables every day. The team followed up study participants on a yearly basis with cognitive tests.

The researchers found that consumption of green leafy vegetables was correlated with slower cognitive decline in a model adjusted for confounding variables; those in the highest quintile of intake (median 1.3 servings/day) had a decline rate that was β = 0.05 standardized units slower, equivalent to being 11 years younger in age. They divided the volunteers into five groups based on how often they ate green, leafy vegetables including spinach, lettuce and kale.

Green vegetables are loaded with powerful antioxidants that provide numerous benefits to all parts of the body, including brain function and mental agility into older age.

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Eating more leafy greens can boost brain benefits

According to the findings of a recent study, consuming green, leafy vegetables just might make your mind 11 years younger and reduce the chances of developing dementia.

'It's no secret that eating vegetables is good for your health.

However, Morris' study was observational, meaning there's only a correlation-nothing concrete-between how greens affect your brain. "These include not smoking, staying mentally and physically active, keeping blood pressure and cholesterol in check and only drinking in moderation".

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Eating Green Vegetables Can Help Prevent Dementia