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Apple is reportedly working to enable universal iOS and Mac apps

21 December 2017

While it isn't clear if the company will be merging the App Store for iOS and Mac apps, the company is expected to release tools required for developers to design a single app that works across all of its devices a bit earlier, possibly at WWDC 2018.

A new report out of Bloomberg today states Apple is gearing up to launch iOS app compatibility within macOS.

Apple now has two App Stores: an iPhone- and iPad-based App Store and a Mac App Store.

The app, which appears to have passed Apple's App Store screening is not an official mobile title from Studio MDHR. In doing so, there'd be less work for developers and more choices for consumers. Apple's plans are still fluid, the people said, so the implementation could change or the project could still be canceled. SAP SE, IBM Corp. and several other big names have partnered with the iPhone maker in recent years to develop business apps for iOS. This would give time over the summer for third-party developers to adopt the new APIs to enable truly cross-platform apps.

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Apple reportedly plans to combine its various apps across its platforms into universal apps that work on all devices, according to Bloomberg. Assuming it's implemented, Project Marzipan will likely be announced in June at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference and released to the public in September as part of a next-generation version of macOS. By allowing developers to build unified apps, it expands the marketplace which is good for developers, consumers, and Apple.

ZDNet has reached out to Apple for comment and will update this post should we hear back. Google has started going down the same road, bringing Android apps over to Chrome OS. A universal app platform would go a long way toward bringing the two operating systems closer together.

Apple's app system changes would follow Microsoft. They also advised the iPhone and iPad users to avoid downloading or purchasing the game at all cost despite "Cuphead" not being available on the device. On the iPad, the same app can be used in different layouts depending on how it is being presented, full-screen or in Split View multitasking.

Apple is reportedly working to enable universal iOS and Mac apps