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Twitter will now help you thread tweets

13 December 2017

Twitter is getting behind "tweetstorms" with a new feature that can let you post them with one click. When you're ready to post, you tap the "Tweet all" button at the top to send the stream to Twitter. The feature has essentially become a Twitter convention at this point - and the company has a history of taking inspiration from its user base in developing new features.

"A few weeks ago, we expanded our character count to make it easier for people to fit what they're thinking into a Tweet".

Multi-part tweetstorms are a staple of Twitter, for better or worse, and the social network wants them to be as easy to write as possible. You had to reply to yourself to get tweets to show up together in a line. Once you're done with your manifesto, you can tweet everything at once. You can also add the same amount of media - like GIFs, images, videos, and more - to any individual tweet in the thread, as you could on Twitter directly.

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The threaded tweets allow users to post many kinds of related content, including videos, photos and text. You can also view threads with the obviously named "Show This Thread" button.

In order to create a tweet thread, you press the small + button at the bottom right of the tweet composer. That said, Twitter, which has absolutely no other pressing issues on its site at the moment, has chose to cater to tweetstormers with a new update.

The product changes are part of Twitter's effort to address concerns that its network is hard to use, which analysts have said is one reason why it's not picking up users as quickly as investors would like. To dismiss these sorts of subtle product changes as irrelevant to Twitter's serious problems with abuse, harassment, and filter bubbles is to miss the ways in which the platform's original design and constraints helped to foster those problems in the first place. The firm has made moves to increase transparency around advertising, clarify its rules about what violates its terms and conditions and is changing its criteria for verifying users.

Twitter will now help you thread tweets