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MA gas prices up by a penny, expected to fall

13 December 2017

AAA tested a variety of vehicles that recommend, but do not require the use of premium (91 octane or higher) gasoline.

On Monday afternoon the average price for a gallon of regular gas in Lima was $2.27, while last week's average was $2.23.

That means fuel savings are not enough to offset the cost difference between Regular and Premium gas.

Besides showing the growing price gap, the study found an interesting change.

AAA found self-serve, regular gasoline selling for as low as $2.31 per gallon and as high as $2.79 in MA.

The national average has fallen 2.5 cents per gallon in the last week.

Drivers who shell out the extra cash to fill their tanks with premium fuel may be wasting their money, according to new research by AAA. For this latest research, AAA partnered with the Automobile Club of Southern California's Automotive Research Center to determine what, if any, benefit premium gasoline offers vehicles that recommend, but do not require, the use of premium gasoline.

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Engines have to be calibrated to require higher-octane premium fuel to see the full benefit of using it, John Nielsen, the motoring club's managing director of automotive engineering and fix.

AAA tested Premium and Regular gasoline in six vehicles: a Ford F-150, a Cadillac Escalade, a Mazda Miata, an Audi A3, a Ford Mustang GT and a Jeep Renegade.

"Horsepower for test vehicles averaged an increase of 1.4%", AAA said.

Put simply: Only vehicles that come with manufacturer requirements for premium gas reap tangible performance and fuel-economy benefits.

"It's largely because we just see a decrease in the overall demand for gasoline", said Don Redman, fuel analyst for AAA. These vehicles could sustain damage from prolonged use of Regular gasoline.

"There's no question that higher-octane premium fuel has the potential to boost a vehicle's fuel economy and performance, however, engines have to be calibrated to require that fuel to see the full benefit", John Nielsen, AAA's Managing Director of Automotive Engineering and fix, said in a statement. Always use premium gasoline on vehicles that require it. In those engines, using Premium fuel won't hurt anything, but it also won't improve anything, either. TOP TIER gasoline is available in all octane levels.

MA gas prices up by a penny, expected to fall