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Fallen Kingdom': 'Blowing up the island'

08 December 2017

"She added: "[Beatrice] sleeps with little toy versions of the Indominus Rex - like hard toy versions of the Indominus Rex, from "Jurassic World".

The film will also up the ante on the number of dinosaurs, as Crowley says, "in this Jurassic World, you will see more dinosaurs than you've ever seen before".

Among those recruited are the new characters played by Daniella Pineda and Justice Smith, as well as the returning Chris Pratt as Owen Grady.

When it was announced that Jeff Goldblum was returning to his character of Dr Ian Malcolm for the Jurassic World sequel, dinosaur fans rejoiced.

The first Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer will premier this Thursday on NBC during the Saints vs. Falcons football game, but you probably already knew that based on the many teasers Universal has been releasing to promote the trailer's release. First and foremost, rather than escaping the dinosaurs, Jurassic World 2 seems to be about helping them survive.

FBI, Nebraska police say foul play suspected
There was the suspicious Snapchat, and Loofe's cellphone had last pinged a tower while it was at Boswell and Trail's home. The body of a 24-year-old woman who went missing three weeks ago after going on a Tinder date has been found.

I had to overcome the impact of being in front of Ian Malcolm.

Original Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow (who also co-writes the sequel) told jurassicoutpost.com the new film will be darker.

"Here I am talking about dinosaurs again". And yes, it is indeed a nasty piece of work, with one of its signature traits being that it actually ate other dinosaurs. Yum. We'll bring you the full trailer as soon as it is available. A hilarious new promo featuring Pratt, Dallas Howard and Youtube personality Zach King may actually explain it though.

We'll find out more when the trailer drops on Thursday in the United States of America, and Friday in Australia and Europe - and we'll find out even more than that when the film arrives on on June 22, 2018.

Fallen Kingdom': 'Blowing up the island'