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Texas cheerleader's invisible box challenge goes viral

07 December 2017

MOVE over dabbing, the invisible box challenge is the latest craze to hit social media, but it turns out it's harder than it looks. No one has mastered the trick quite like Ariel Olivar, a cheerleader from Manval High school in southeastern Texas, whose demonstration went viral.

To do the trick, people have to step onto the "box" with one foot, and swing the other over it. Freshman football player Dontez Hines of Indiana's Anderson University demonstrated it in a tweet in August.

Others hilariously fail, tripping over their own feet or even falling to the ground.

'The technique, if you want to make it look like (her video), is to bring the other leg higher than the other as if you are actually stepping over a box'.

However, many Internet users have been left dazed and confused wondering how the trick actually works. The cheer leader stepped on an "invisible box" and hopped over it.

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See some of the attempts below and remember safety first. "It's essentially a one-legged hop where you move the floating foot so it stays over the same spot, but smooth, keeping the cadence of walking".

"Very explosive hip flexor, abdominal and glute strength is what is driving the leg up and over the box".

"All his hip stabilizers on the right side are firing on overtime to hold that hip in position", Men's Health fitness editor Ebenezer Samuel said of Hines' video.

But do you know impossible it is to step on air?

While we sit and watch that video on loop, there were several others who shared their failed attempts to the challenge and honestly, they are hilarious.

Texas cheerleader's invisible box challenge goes viral