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Ousted Yemen President Killed by Iranian-Backed Houthis

05 December 2017

Moving to take advantage of the chaos, President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, whose government is backed by a Saudi-led military coalition, ordered his forces to advance on the capital.

The death is expected to have a major impact on the Iranian-Saudi proxy war taking place in Yemen, the poorest nation in the Arab world.

"We ask civilians to remain at least 500 metres away from Huthi military vehicles and gatherings". Well Semin... Saleh's death has thrown Yemen's almost 3-year-old civil war into unpredictable new chaos.

In a statement read out on a Houthi television network, the interior ministry announced the "killing" of "Saleh and his supporters". He continued to be a leader despite being forced to resign as a result of the people's protests.Moreover, after an attempt to assassinate him in Al-Nahdeen Mosque, everyone thought Saleh was done, but he spent months receiving treatment for his burns at Riyadh Military Hospital and surprised everyone with his return to continue to rule Sanaa and lead political and military battles.

"He was martyred in the defence of the republic", said Faiqa al-Sayyid, a GPC leader. Other accounts said Saleh had been shot.

SANAA: Yemen's Huthi rebels claimed on Monday that ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh had been killed as fighting shook the capital Sanaa following the collapse of his alliance with the insurgents.

Any hope of the coalition that Mr Saleh could have been bought off to help turn the tables against the Houthis after a protracted stalemate, in which a Saudi-led blockade and internal fighting has exposed millions to hunger and epidemic, has been dashed. In Sept. 2014, Saleh teamed up with his former rivals, the Houthi militants, to capture Yemen's capital Sanaa.

Tareq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh was killed in the attack on his uncle former Yemen president Ali Abdullah Saleh's armoured vehicle
Image Tareq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh was killed in the attack

Military and government sources said the army would advance on Sanaa from the east and northeast, with at least seven battalions ordered to move forward. Government forces, supported by Saudi air power, have been progressing towards the city on the northeastern axis for the past few weeks. Three days earlier, Saleh had turned against his Houthi rebel allies, switching sides in a conflict that has been raging for roughly three years.

That dealt a serious blow to his already fragile alliance with rebel chief Abdul Malik al-Huthi. Saleh's death complicates this, though control of the his fighters may shift to his son, Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, or his nephew, Tariq.

"Today marked the failure of the conspiracy and treason, a black day for the forces of aggression", he said on Al-Masirah.

In March 2015, a Saudi-led coalition intervened to reinstate Hadi's government.

The conflict has pushed Yemen to the brink of mass starvation and triggered what the United Nations has called the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

"Aid workers can't travel and implement critical life-saving programs".

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Ousted Yemen President Killed by Iranian-Backed Houthis