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Ep. 25: Net Neutrality with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

05 December 2017

The FCC acknowledges the problem but points out that numerous fraudulent comments come from people or groups who support the current net neutrality rules. Among other things, Schneiderman cited a Broadband for America-funded study that found almost 8 million comments had been submitted using temporary or disposable email addresses, and almost 10 million comments involved duplicate email and home addresses.

What is "net neutrality?".

Although Schneiderman said he has received more than 3,200 complaints, including 350 in NY, from those who say comments were made in their or a relative's name without their consent, the FCC is refusing to provide any records or data to help with the investigation.

The FCC did not immediately reply when asked why it made a decision to cooperate with the investigation or whether it would delay the vote.

Schneiderman's office has launched investigation into alleged fraudulent comments filed with the FCC both for and against dismantling the rules, and found that up to a million of the 23 million total comments received by the FCC may be fraudulent.

We are deeply concerned by your recently released proposal to roll back critical consumer protections by dismantling the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) current net neutrality rules.

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A spokesperson for the FCC said, "At today's press conference, they didn't identify a single comment relied upon in the draft order as being questionable". Schneiderman said that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has so far rebuffed his requests for assistance in the probe. The problem? In most parts of the United States, the amount of ISPs available are pitiful, and for many, there is only one option.

The FCC received nearly 23 million comments since last spring, when Pai first made it clear he would review the FCC's framework for its net neutrality rules, Variety reported. Now he is FCC chairman and wants to roll back the net neutrality rules that were adopted two years ago. "So I call on my colleagues to halt this vote until we get to the bottom of what has happened with these stolen identities and the quality of our public record", said Rosenworcel, who was nominated by President Barack Obama to the FCC.

Last week, on Wednesday, Attorney General Schneiderman launched a new webpage for New Yorkers to check whether their identities were wrongfully used without their consent.

"With what would be a catastrophic vote by the FCC to repeal net neutrality looming, people are ready to take to the streets in protest and to offer Congress one last chance to answer the question: "Do you stand for your constituents" ability to communicate and connect, or do you stand for Verizon's bottom line?" said Mark Stanley, director of communications for Demand Progress, citing the overwhelming bipartisan support for net neutrality rules found in poll after poll.

It seems that the public letter-writing trend is catching on, with 28 United States senators now co-signing a letter to the FCC officially asking the commission to delay their December 14th vote.

"Our process for serving the public inter is broken", Rosenworcel said.

Ep. 25: Net Neutrality with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai