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Super "Frost" moon this weekend

03 December 2017

Supermoon is the term given to the moon when it's two cycles around the earth match up.

The day after the moon will be at its closest to earth in the month.

"The moon's orbit is not a circle, it's sort of an egg shape so sometimes it's further away and sometimes it's close to us", Head of Astronomy at the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills Michael Narlock told WWJ Newsradio 950's Jason Scott.

A bright treat will greet skygazers Sunday night. According to MSN, the best time to view the supermoon is when the moon is sitting on the horizon, right after the moonrise and before the sunrise.

The Moon will lose its brightness and take on an eerie, fainter-than-normal glow from the scant sunlight that makes its way through Earth's atmosphere.

Also, because it's the last full moon of the year, it's called a "Frost" moon, or "Cold" moon. Nearby perigee full Moons appear about 14% bigger and 30% brighter than full Moons that occur near apogee in the Moon's orbit.

But the astronomer warned that as use of the nickname "supermoon" grows, so do expectations.

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Stargazers will get a chance to witness the first and only supermoon of this year Sunday night.

While the moon is undoubtedly both bigger and brighter than usual, our eyes tend to trick us into seeing the moon as larger than it truly is.

If you aren't able to observe this weekend's supermoon, don't worry: The new year kicks off with two supermoons straight from the gate.

"The supermoons are a great opportunity for people to start looking at the moon", said Noah Petro, a research scientist from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

A supermoon is also believed to have an impact on the Earth's waters.

Will you be sky-watching on Monday night?