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The only supermoon this year is coming up on Sunday

02 December 2017

The moon is slightly covered with clouds as it rises over the banking district in Frankfurt, Germany, Monday, Nov. 14, 2016. However, that's not necessarily the best time to see it. National Geographic reported that the best time to view this bright beauty is right after sunset on december 3 when the Full Cold Moon rises.

As it reaches fullness, the moon will also be making its closest approach to Earth around the same time, designating it a so-called supermoon.

While it has been a year since a visible supermoon last lit up the sky, everyone in the world has a chance to marvel at this upcoming full moon.

The cool thing about a supermoon coinciding with a full moon is that the Moon will appear brighter and bigger, hints the name supermoon.

The moon's closest point to Earth during orbit is called its perigee, and the moon will be at 222,135 miles away from Earth when it reaches its perigee during the early hours of December 4, according to Space.com.

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December's full moon will mark the beginning of a series SUPERLINE, two supertunia expected in January, which happens very rarely.

This year, this Sunday night, the moon is forecast to shine 16% brighter and appear 7% larger than its usual size.

The weather will need to cooperate, though.

While the supermoon can come out looking larger in photos (thanks to long lenses and editing) than it does when looking at it in person, Nichols says it is an incredible opportunity to get people interested in science and astronomy. Another major hallmark of a supermoon is that the Earth, moon and sun are all perfectly aligned.

This supermoon will be the first in the series of three consecutive full moon supermoons, the next two to occur in January. Not only will it be a supermoon, it will also be a blue moon and there will be a partial lunar eclipse for us in the CSRA! This is what planets would look like if they were at the distance of the moon. While I lived here, I witnessed some of the most incredible moon rises I've ever seen in my life, and each month I was completely moonstruck while watching these otherworldly full moon ascensions.

The only supermoon this year is coming up on Sunday