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Bungie cancels Destiny 2 livestream as tensions with community rise

01 December 2017

"We had planned to conduct the final stream prior to the launch of Curse of Osiris to show off some of the weapons and armour the expansion includes", Bungie community boss David "Deej" Dague explained last night via a post on the game's forum. Instead, we are investing all our efforts into delivering some higher priority information about Destiny 2. On the Destiny website, Bungie says that the trial features campaign missions on EDZ and Titan, the ability to explore both worlds, Crucible Quickplay Playlist for a taste of multiplayer, character progression up to level 7 (out of 20), clan functionality, and the ability to transfer all of your progress to the full game. Had they moved forward with the presentation as originally planned, you can imagine how that would've gone over.

Bungie is giving everyone a chance to try out its action RPG, Destiny 2, with a free trial. The issue here is that the information was hidden from the player so that they would continue to think that they were gathering XP at the normal rate.

Several of these updates will be coming in updates on December 5 and December 12.

Long-term issues with Destiny 2's token economy, end-game content, bugs and balance have bubbled away under the surface for months.

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For those who might not be up to speed with what's happening in the wild world of Destiny 2, it recently came to light that the amount of XP the game said players were earning wasn't exactly correct, in fact it was way off.

However, after taking the system offline, players noticed that the amount of XP required to fill up the experience bar had doubled.

Luke Smith, game director on Destiny 2, then announced on Twitter that during the week after Thanksgiving, Bungie was planning to detail the changes to systems and mechanics that are coming in the game's December update. Hopefully that will start to change after Bungie's announcements this evening.

Bungie cancels Destiny 2 livestream as tensions with community rise