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Here's how to remix photos from your Instagram inbox

30 November 2017

Once a friend sends you a photo via direct message, you can add a sticker to that photo and use the same in your reply. You can now automatically capture and remix photos sent to you in replies back to friends, and allow photo and video replays to be replayed a couple of times.

For encouraging users to privately message each other on Instagram, the company announced a new feature called "remixing". Users can now select from two options: "One View" or "Allow Replay".

Facebook is really going strong with its Snapchat copying and at this rate, who will actually need Snapchat anymore? Apart from causing you to rack up a ton of updates that you keep putting off carrying out, you're probably always the last one to get new features on social media apps.


It's not limited to just stickers though, you can draw, write on it and add filters as well with the image not instantly disappearing but rather being replayed on a loop.

These updates are available for Instagram version 24 in iOS and on Android. It won't take long for people to start finding creative new ways to use these features! Photos and videos sent with Allow Replay automatically loop and your friends can tap and hold to pause. Likely, by the time they respond, the issue will have resolved itself, but if you have a feeling your account is being glitchy, or you've had similar issues like this in the past, send them a note!

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Here's how to remix photos from your Instagram inbox