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'Justice League' stumbles at the box office

21 November 2017

Justice League opened with a strong domestic week in US/Canada but somehow it was short of what was expected of it to accumulate.

Justice League received a "B+" CinemaScore, which is better than Batman v Superman's "B" rating but not as strong as Man of Steel's "A-".

Worse still, this isn't simply a case of superhero fatigue.

Rounding out third place this weekend is "Thor: Ragnarok", bringing in an estimated $21.7 million in its third week out.

"Justice League" was created to be the apex of the DC Entertainment connected universe of films, as it brings together all of the brand's biggest heroes. Both should expand even further over the Thanksgiving weekend. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.

Is There Reason To Hope?

"Justice League" pulled most of its weight overseas, where it launched to $185.5 million from 65 markets, boosting the worldwide debut to $281.5 million. Foreign markets are becoming increasingly important to a film's box office success, and the Chinese market is key.

The title, which ties into the new Warner Bros.

However, the film has come good when being looked at in terms of global collections.

2017 red kettle campaign kicks off
Funds raised from the campaign are not just for Christmas but help with the work the local Corps does in the community. Red Kettles will be located throughout Emporia at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Graves Drug, Bluestem and Sutherlands.

Justice League, on the other hand, has no such driving ideal.

But back to the box office.

The much anticipated film Justice League was released to theaters on Nov 17. The movie's 39% Rotten Tomatoes score probably didn't help either.

It's a decidedly gloomy result for the tentpole, which had been forecast by the studio just prior to the weekend to open in the $110 million range. Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok has only been out in the domestic market for a fortnight. That's not bad for a relatively low profile family holiday film that should pull in more audiences as we get closer to Christmas.

But it's not just that Ragnarok is proving hard to beat.

Right now, some fans are petitioning to see a Zack Snyder cut of Warner Bros.' latest film, Justice League.

Sadly, even this isn't enough to explain such a dramatic underperformance, and we're faced with the disturbing possibility that viewers simply aren't sold on the DCEU. For Batman v Superman, its position as a divisive property comes from conception, with Zack Snyder was given a great sense of free reign to tell a story with DC's trinity. Like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "Out of the Shadows, a retooled, lighter, more kid-friendly "this is what the last film should have been" sequel was comparatively rejected because audiences sampled the last one out of curiosity and didn't like it". Up until the very end, it's very possible director Joss Whedon was likely still in the process of trimming down the film to meet the reported two hour mandate from the studio. Sadly, it doesn't look set to be a triumph for the #DCEU at this stage.

Have some fun, see a movie the Thanksgiving week. This film still shows a huge divide between critics and audience members and personally, I know most of us at Nerd Reactor rather enjoyed the film, which you can read about here.

'Justice League' stumbles at the box office