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'SNL' viewers want 'Come Back, Barack' song to hit iTunes

20 November 2017

He opened the show with a amusing holiday song titled, "It's Thanksgiving Time" which was performed in part to raise the $1 million he has pledged to schools in Chicago. While there, he joined cast members Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson to sing a Boyz II Men style R&B ballad entitled "Come Back Barack", dedicated to former president Barack Obama.

The hook reveals the punchline. The group yearns about feeling lost without a strong leader to guide them with hopes that Barack Obama will come back into their lives.

While the clip is somewhat hilarious, it captured the minds of many people who are desperately distressed ever since Obama left office, ever since Trump took over. "Maybe Michelle could run", they sing. "I mean, if she wanted to?"

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In the spirit of giving, Chance the Rapper wants to make a truckload of money from a hit holiday song. That's not even counting the things we've learned about the capabilities of technology to disseminate false information, or about how foreign governments can weaponize social media against us.

As the musical guest, Eminem performed a medley more than eight minutes long featuring songs "Walk on Water", "Stan", and "Love the Way You Lie", featuring Skylar Grey. "But hey, have a great Thanksgiving, everybody".

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'SNL' viewers want 'Come Back, Barack' song to hit iTunes