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OH governor candidate brags of his sexual exploits

19 November 2017

Richard Cordray, the former OH treasurer who is now director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has announced he will step down, fueling speculation he may run for governor. Al Franken and Senate candidate Roy Moore, have been about sexual misconduct, from harassment to assault.

O'Neill continues on to claim he's slept with an estimated "50 very attractive females" including a "gorgeous blonde" and "a drop dead gorgeous red head from Cleveland". But "the feeding frenzy in the media has now got us to the point that Al Franken, (who) committed no criminal act, is equated with Roy Moore, who probably did".

The Facebook post sparked some confusion among his social media followers, many them admitting they initially thought the Supreme Court justice had been hacked.

O'Neill's comments are just the latest in a line of decisions that have been the subject of condemnation.

William O'Neill's original post on Friday criticized "the dogs of war" calling for Democratic Sen.

Anyway, early impressions on Twitter were that either his Facebook account was hacked or it was an impostor who'd created a parody account of O'Neill.

A Democratic candidate for the OH governorship blasted the "feeding frenzy" about sexual "indiscretions" by recounting a lifetime of 50 sexual relationships with "very attractive females" - then pitched his campaign to legalize marijuana.

Meek Mill's lawyers file documents asking judge to step aside
Hundreds rallied at Philadelphia City Hall Monday in support of freeing Meek Mill who is now in a state prison near Harrisburg. Those charges, along with a failed drug test, violated his probation from a 2008 gun and drug case.

Republican Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, also a candidate for governor, says his "crass post is ill-timed and dismissive at best".

Candidate Connie Pillich tweeted that while O'Neill has been a friend and donated to her campaign, he "should resign" and she will be "donating his contributions to orgs helping women".

Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor, the first woman to hold that position, also condemned the post. (Weinstein has denied all allegations of rape; Franken has apologized for his behavior.) Having sex and sexual assault are two very, very different things.

The last time we saw Ohio Supreme Court Justice and prolific Facebook user Bill O'Neill around these parts, he was taking the "draft dodging millionaires" of the Cleveland Browns to task for kneeling during the national anthem. Franken's (D., Minn.) sexual misconduct scandal.

While O'Neill, a Democrat, says he is "sooooo disappointed by this national feeding frenzy about sexual indiscretions from decades ago", it should be noted that his post appears to describe consensual relationships.

After posting the message, he edited it to remove some identifying information about the women.

OH governor candidate brags of his sexual exploits