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Google Maps To Launch Brand New Design

18 November 2017

Google Maps is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. Pending direct Internet-to-brain interface, Google is initiating some changes in Google Maps to cut down on the time your eyes spend scanning the screen for relevant markers.

Google Maps across all platforms is getting a significant interface refresh that better highlights relevant information depending on your mode. You might not see gas stations when you're on public transportation, for example. It's a pretty useful change, considering previously, Maps would be filled with identical blue-colored icons for stores, cafes, and doctor's offices. In addition, Google Maps will have a new color scheme and new icons to help you quickly identify certain places of interest.

Google Maps To Launch Brand New Design
Google Maps To Launch Brand New Design

There are eight categories with their own unique color: Food & Drink, Shopping, Health, Entertainment/Leisure, Services, Civil Services/Worship, Outdoor, and Transport. Over the years, the team at Google has improved on various aspects of the mapping service, adding features such as offline maps and real-time location sharing.

Google says the new style will eventually also appear in apps, websites and experiences offered by companies that use the Google Maps APIs. Hunt also mentioned that the updates will come in the next few weeks on all products including Assistant, Search, Earth, and Android Auto.

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Google Maps To Launch Brand New Design