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OnePlus left a backdoor in Oxygen OS that hackers could exploit

15 November 2017

An application called EngineerMode was found on OnePlus devices (as well as other devices from different manufacturers).

This is not the first time that OnePlus has been accused of compromising privacy of its users. OnePlus has been shipping a Qualcomm engineering APK (an Android app file) in its devices, which with a few commands, can root a device.

The backdoor is provided through an application called Engineer Mode that ships pre-installed on the devices.

If hackers wanted to get into your phone, they would need physical access to it, so if you have any OnePlus devices, just keep it away from any of your playful tech-savvy friends until the app is officially removed. If this is set to "true", the app will allow root access over Android Debug Bridge, Android's command-line developer tools. This is thanks to a Qualcomm system-side app and OnePlus's decision to leave it in the custody of end users. The developer also stated that deploying the "DiagEnabled" activity found in the APK with a specific password, it is possible to root the device. The app has the ability to diagnose Global Positioning System, check root status and perform a series of tests. "So it's not risky, it just means anybody with the password can plug your phone to a computer and take all your data". But on the other hand, we do hope that OnePlus patches this as well, because it is provides a legitimate backdoor to OnePlus 3, 3T, and OnePlus 5 devices.

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OnePlus CEO, Carl Pel, said his company is "looking into" the backdoor report.

Will it affect OnePlus 5T sales?

Robert Baptiste, a freelance security researcher who goes by the name Elliot Alderson on Twitter after the Mr. Robot TV show character, found the tool on a OnePlus phone and tweeted his findings Monday. At the time, OnePlus stated that the whole objective of collecting data was to improve the service.

OnePlus left a backdoor in Oxygen OS that hackers could exploit