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Uber Wants To Bring Its Flying Taxis To Traffic-Congested Los Angeles

10 November 2017

It says its goal is to have a flying taxi service up and running in Los Angeles before the 2028 Olympics - and has also released a concept video showing an Uber user getting an elevator to a "skyport" and then taking a flying taxi across the city.

Uber planned to introduce flying taxi fleets in April which will be called as uberair.

"In this case, technology will allow LA residents to literally fly over the city's historically bad traffic, giving them time back to use in far more productive ways, whether more leisure time with friends and family or more time to work", said Holden.

In its presentation, Uber showed how a 16-mile ride in an Uber auto from Los Angeles International Airport to the Staples Center downtown would usually take about an hour and 20 minutes.

Moreover, Holden said it would actually be cheaper to fly with Uber than your own vehicle.

The version of Uber Air revealed today is really a flying ride-sharing service.

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Los Angeles, the second-largest United States metropolitan area, is the third city announced to be working with Uber on the programme after Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai. It seems Uber is now counting on its partnership with NASA to alleviate that concern by working with the agency on Unmanned Traffic Management and Unmanned Aerial Systems projects.

The intra-city vehicles have been given a tentative launch date of 2023 and Uber is joining hands with aviation regulators in the USA and Europe to make the dream a reality by the expected date.

Partnering with government bodies hasn't been Uber's strong suit, although under new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, it's certainly now a priority. Uber previously announced cities Dallas, Texas and Dubai as other partner cities.

"To solve the problem of soul-destroying traffic, roads must go 3-D, which means either flying cars or tunnels".

Uber plans to develop the software to manage the flying taxi network with the vehicles to be built primarily by Pipistrel Aircraft. The nation's ride-sharing giant wants to begin test flights of a prototype flying vehicle in Los Angeles in 2020 and hopes to put it into commercial service by 2028.

Uber's chief product officer Jeff Holden has been making some bold claims. According to the agreement, Uber will develop a brand-new air traffic control system for their flying taxis.

Uber Wants To Bring Its Flying Taxis To Traffic-Congested Los Angeles