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Roger Goodell 'furious' over condition of new National Football League contract

10 November 2017

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, has escalated a feud with Goodell, threatening to sue the league and some fellow team owners over negotiations to extend Goodell's contract, according to three people with direct knowledge of the situation. ESPN reported that some felt Jones was not trying to oust Goodell as much as decrease his annual salary and his contract incentives.

Jones has become increasingly and more openly unhappy with Goodell's performance, particularly over his handling of protests related to the national anthem and his suspension of Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott.

"The owners voted unanimously to authorize the Compensation Committee to enter in to negotiations and offer the Commissioner an extension of his contract through 2024", Lockhart said. Elliott faced domestic violence allegations from a former girlfriend, though he was neither arrested nor charged with a crime by authorities in Columbus, Ohio, following an investigation. The owners then reportedly told the remaining 25 National Football League team owners of what Jones had said.

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He feels like the owners have made plenty of money while the league has been under his supervision and that he should be compensated accordingly.

Per the ESPN report, someone who "spoke recently with Goodell" said he is "furious" over Jones and "other owners' insistence that his next contract's compensation should be more performance-based" with incentives created to only get him back to "roughly the same level of his current deal".

With several owners already siding with Jones (though not enough to form a majority), Goodell should be happy with just about whatever he gets, frankly. Jones, by the way, owns more than 100 Papa John's franchises. The owner has said he'd bench any player who did not stand for "The Star-Spangeled Banner", while Goodell only said he preferred that players would not kneel.

Roger Goodell 'furious' over condition of new National Football League contract